Friday, February 1, 2008

Two Dead After Multiple Shooting

Friday February 1, 2008

A multiple shooting in the city has left two people dead and police probing a real mystery at 1360 Danforth Rd. near Eglinton.

At least one other victim, said to be a man in his 20s, was wounded but is expected to be O.K.

Police were called around 2pm after residents heard gunshots and a man's body was discovered lying near an elevator on the 16th floor of the high rise apartment complex. The area was immediately cordoned off, as heavily armed ETF officers searched for the shooter and the weapon that inflicted so much carnage.

But it now appears that hunt may be over. There are indications police may think one of the victims could be the gunman, although it's not clear if it's the wounded person or either of the deceased. Investigators are saying very little about what happened and there's no clear indication if a fourth person may actually be involved.

The apartment building was locked down after the bullets flew as bewildered residents wondered what was going on inside and when they'd be allowed back in. They finally were, after enduring what seemed like an eternity waiting in the frigid lobby and in some cases outside in the snowy cold.

Many complain cops are making too many regular visits to the building to investigate ongoing troubles and they no longer feel safe living there.

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